Iran’s new ‘tourist-friendly’ blog template: The world will soon have a ‘touring blog’

By SANAJANI ARABIA, Dec. 7 (Reuters) – Iran’s most influential blogger and online platform has become the first to use a template for a new blog site that aims to appeal to tourists and foreign tourists.

The website, titled The Iranian Blogging Site, is an online destination for Iranians.

It will be the first of its kind in the world.

The template, published on Friday on the website of the Tehran University of Technology and Management, includes an English-language title, “Tourist Friendly Blogs”.

It also features an image of a man reading a newspaper.

The blog, which will have 30,000 subscribers, will feature news articles and other content from Tehran, Mashhad and Mashhad, as well as news and information from other Iranian cities, the template said.

“The aim is to build a friendly environment for Iranians who are tourists and tourists’ friends.

It is a forum for citizens to meet, share and exchange information, to connect and share ideas and information,” it said.

The site, which was designed and published by Tehran University and will be shared through a partnership between the university and the Iranian Ministry of Culture, Education and Tourism, said it aims to provide information for Iranians about tourism, cultural heritage, politics and foreign relations.

“We want to create a platform for the Iranian people, and the citizens of Iran, to express their opinions and to share their opinions in a constructive manner, to participate in social discussions and also to participate actively in social activities,” it added.

“This will provide the platform to enrich the social environment for tourists,” it noted.

“It will also be a place for Iranians to meet and to exchange ideas and knowledge,” it stated.

Iran’s government has long struggled to attract tourists to the country, but has seen its popularity rise in recent years as more Iranians travel abroad.

In 2016, tourism in Iran surged to its highest level since 1979.

The country also saw an increase in foreign tourists in 2017.

In November, the country’s ambassador to the United States, Mohammad Ali Akbarpour, announced plans to build an exhibition hall on the banks of the Euphrates River that will feature an exhibition on Iran’s national culture.


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