Why is the old blogosphere so much more interesting than the new one?

By Tom Moulden / 4 October 2015 6:33:03If you want to be more effective, the new blogosphere is a better place to be than the old one.

But it may not be that simple, according to a new paper published in Nature Communications.

The authors, including three post-doctoral fellows, looked at the online presence of two main types of blogs: the classic blog and the Twitter blogging template.

They looked at how people read these blogs and the number of followers they have, and then used machine learning to analyse the effect that these changes have on their online presence.

The researchers looked at people who regularly read both classic and Twitter blogging templates, and found that people who are more active online have more followers.

They also found that a person who is more active on Twitter has more followers than those who are less active online.

These results may have implications for the way we approach blogging, says co-author Professor Andrew Jorgensen.

“We’re looking at how to use our online presence to get a better understanding of the impact of a blogger, and to figure out what that looks like for people.”

What does this mean for us?

The researchers hope that their work will provide a clearer picture of how to understand and influence people’s online activity, but it could also help us understand what people are doing online in the first place.

“The results are not just good for us,” says Jorgenson.

“It’s not just that we can learn more about the people we interact with online.

But they could also inform what we do and how we interact online.

We could think of the results as a way to improve the way in which we interact in our daily lives.”


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