Trump’s Twitter is back: “The real estate mogul is not the real estate developer”

Donald Trump’s new Twitter account is now officially “The Real Estate mogul is Not the Real Estate Developer” and, for the first time, it’s not a joke.

It’s actually a real person, and he is the real person behind the account, @RealElectionTM.

Trump’s original account, which was @RealTrump, was also a joke, since it was the account of a real estate investor who went bankrupt in 2010 and filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

But Trump’s account is no longer just a joke: Trump’s name has been added to the directory of Twitter accounts, as well as the list of verified users on Twitter’s “verified user” program, and it’s no longer a parody account either, which Trump himself has also admitted to.

Trump also appears to be the real life name of a person named David, who is the son of a prominent real estate magnate.

The account, known as @DavidTrump, has been active since at least January 2019, when it was created under the name @RealDavidTrump.

According to its Twitter bio, David is “one of the wealthiest people in the world.”

In March 2019, Trump himself posted a photo of himself with a copy of his new Twitter page under the photo.

In August, he announced that he was hiring @RealDonaldTrump, an account that has since been deleted, and that he is now running it with his real name, as his real Twitter name.

Twitter said that it “does not endorse or support the content of accounts that are not verified.”

However, in a statement on Wednesday, the company said it would “continue to work with Twitter to ensure that @DavidDonaldTrump is verified as a verified user.”

It also said that “there are no rules about the verification process for verified users.

If verified users choose to remove their account, they are encouraged to do so.”


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