Twitter has its own blog and Shoutmelood, an RSS feed template

The popular blogging platform Twitter has now officially joined the RSS feed format, and you can now use it to create your own blog.

In the new post titled “Creating Your Own RSS Feed Template” Twitter explains that, “For now, you can just use the RSS Feeds built into Twitter for WordPress and Blogger.

There’s also a ‘ShoutMeloud’ template that you can use to create a ShoutMelood blog, if you prefer that.”

Shoutmelowny is an RSS-powered feed that automatically adds new posts to your feeds, so you can share them with others without having to open up Twitter.

The post explains that you’ll need to set up a WordPress theme, add some WordPress code to your WordPress dashboard, and then add the “ShoutMe” RSS feed into the “RSS” section of your WordPress site.

Twitter also says that you have the option to “set up your own Twitter feed with your own logo and tag.

You can even use your own tweet as the feed title.

All this is free.”

So, you might want to add some custom content, like your own tweets, to the posts.

That’ll add a little extra content, but you’ll also need to put in some code.

That’s where Twitter comes in.

It has a new page for you to use Twitter for RSS feed templates, and it even has a template that can be used to create RSS feeds for WordPress.

The site doesn’t list any RSS feeds yet, but it does have a “shoutme” template for you if you want to start with that.

The Twitter page is free, but the ShoutMe template is a bit more expensive, $19.99.

Twitter says that the Shouts are only available for 30 days, and that you don’t have to pay for the “shouts” template if you don, in fact, want to use it.

Twitter has also made it easier to use RSS feeds, but there are still some quirks that need to be ironed out.

You’ll still need to create some HTML to embed tweets, and the “rss” section needs to be set up for RSS feeds to work.


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