Obama administration launches effort to bring transparency to campaign spending


— The Obama administration on Wednesday launched a national initiative to bring more transparency to the campaign spending process by encouraging the disclosure of candidate campaign committees and other entities that contribute to them.

The effort, part of the Justice Department’s campaign finance initiative, aims to provide more information about how campaign committees are structured, and how they spend money.

Under the initiative, the Department of Justice will begin requiring disclosure of the identities of those organizations and their executives.

It also will create a task force to explore ways to improve campaign finance disclosures in the future.

The initiative, dubbed Transparency for America, will be announced Wednesday by the Justice and Treasury Departments and the White House Office of Management and Budget.

The goal is to create a more accurate picture of how money is spent in politics, the president said in a statement.

The Obama White House also is launching a website that allows people to anonymously submit comments on the proposals to create the most transparent administration in history.

“While transparency is essential for effective campaign finance reforms, the Obama administration has made significant progress in its efforts to improve the integrity of the campaign finance process,” the president’s statement said.

The administration is also launching a project to improve data collection and analysis, as well as improving coordination between the administration and outside groups.

The Justice Department and Treasury are partnering with the Center for Responsive Politics, which is helping the department produce a report detailing the impact of campaign finance reform on election outcomes.

“The government’s approach to transparency, the way it’s doing it, has the potential to improve Americans’ trust in the electoral process and the ability of voters to hold elected officials accountable,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in the statement.

“I want to thank President Trump for taking action on the campaign financing reforms he introduced, and I want to urge everyone to help us make that happen by helping us understand how money in politics is spent and how it’s spent in the political process.”

The initiative comes amid a growing bipartisan push to improve transparency in campaign finance.

The Center for Public Integrity is among a growing number of organizations, including the Federal Election Commission, the Federal Elections Commission and the Brennan Center for Justice, to push for the disclosure and audit of campaign finances.

The group has long advocated for the need for more transparency in elections, saying that the vast majority of the money spent in elections is spent for political purposes.

“As the first administration to adopt a campaign finance plan, the Justice Departments actions are a step in the right direction,” the Brennan center said in an emailed statement.

It’s unclear how much money has already been spent on the initiative.

The White House, however, said it plans to make it available to the public later this year.

The department will begin offering a public forum for citizens to submit comments and questions on the proposal to be developed by the task force, a spokesperson said.


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