When it comes to the political fallout from the death of the Supreme Court’s first black justice, there’s no end in sight: Trump says ‘the world is ready’

The president has offered no details about the status of his threat to veto a judicial nominee.

He told reporters Friday that he would make his decision “in the coming days.”

But he has repeatedly said the world is waiting for the Supreme Courts decision on Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to take place.

“We’re going to make a decision in the coming weeks.

I’ve said it many times,” Trump told reporters at the White House, where he was meeting with cabinet members.

He also said that he’d be making a decision on his nominee “in a few days.”

Sotomaiyan, a native of Indian descent, became the first female justice on the court in 1992.

She has become one of the nation’s most powerful justices.

Trump has been criticized for his rhetoric on the bench, which has included calling Sotomiyas nomination “disgraceful” and saying he’d consider the death penalty.

He has also expressed concern about her confirmation.

“Sonia Sotomaya is one of our most respected judges, and I’m not going to be confirmed by the Senate,” Trump said last year.

“She is a talented woman and someone I respect tremendously.”

But she has repeatedly defended her record and her opinions.

In a statement, Sotomays nomination has been praised by some Democratic senators.

“As a member of the Court, Sonia Sotelai has distinguished herself as a fierce advocate for women’s rights and equality and an eloquent and thoughtful jurist,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

“This is a strong confirmation and a vote that will be an important test of our nation’s commitment to equality.”

He also called her confirmation a “historic moment.”

“It’s not just that Sonia Sotiropoulos is an exceptional woman who has fought for equality for women across the world, it’s that her extraordinary intellect, leadership and character make her a uniquely qualified nominee to serve on the United States Supreme Court,” Schumer said.


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