New ‘Fantasy Football’ Analytics App Will Make It Easier to Find Trends

This article is the first in a series of articles to highlight the latest analytics tools that have been launched by ESPN and its partner company, Accenture.

The apps, which will be available through the Apple App Store and Google Play, allow users to create their own customized fantasy football content, as well as track the stats, trends and other information that players are most likely to collect in the league.

They are also used by the teams themselves to help them monitor and improve their game, and the apps allow users the ability to log in and track their stats, and also track the players’ performances.

The new apps will allow users access to an analytics dashboard that tracks all the statistics that the teams use to monitor their game and their performances.

These stats are collected via an app that allows users to select the categories they want to track and then enter the stats they want, and then the apps will automatically create a table of stats that you can view.

In addition, users will be able to create custom content and publish it to the ESPN app.

These custom content can be created on the ESPN App, or they can be published on a dedicated website.

The apps allow players to also access game reports, which include data about the games played, the number of fantasy points scored, number of turnovers, and number of yards passing.

These data can also be viewed in a table format, and can be updated via the ESPN Stats app.

The stats can also allow users more advanced analytics, like comparing players with the same position.

The stats are available in two types of formats, namely: a daily and weekly.

The app can also create a custom game report, which allows users the opportunity to create an in-game analysis for their fantasy football games.

Users can also upload and edit their own stats and graphs, which can be used to help create a more personalized content, including customized charts and graphs that highlight players’ performance, the importance of specific stats, or other data points.

The ESPN app will also allow the use of customized player profiles to provide information to players about the players they are most interested in.

While the apps are meant to be used by fantasy football owners, they can also help fans analyze the stats of other fans.

The developers said that the analytics app will be a great resource for fans looking to understand trends in the fantasy football world.


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