Beauty blogger who posted anti-Trump meme wins $1.5M prize

BAYNA, Nigeria — Beauty blogger Bayna Shabangu, the wife of slain Nigerian police chief Ibrahim Shabafi, won $1 million in a beauty contest on Thursday, the Associated Press reported.

Shabangu and her husband, police chief Mohammed Shabaf, were killed in an ambush on Sept. 11, 2018.

The winner of the contest, which was held on Twitter, won about $1,400 for each Instagram post she made of her smiling, smiling face and said she was “just kidding.”

The winning entries included one from Shabana, a Nigerian-American mother of four, who wrote that she had been called a nigger and told to go back to Africa, the AP reported.

Shabanga had also previously tweeted about Trump and his policies, including a picture of him on the cover of Time magazine.

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