When Trump tweets about the GOP healthcare plan, we’re going to have to deal with his fake news

A day after President Donald Trump tweeted that the Republican health care plan would be “fraudulent,” the White House is releasing a new template that will help readers make sense of the president’s claims.

In a White House news briefing on Friday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders explained that the new template was developed in response to “very clear and repeated evidence” that the plan would result in “massive and unsustainable increases in health care costs and deductibles.”

In an interview with Axios on Monday, Sanders said the White the template was designed to “give the American people a more informed view of what the bill will actually do.”

Sanders said the new White House version of the template is “designed to be a guidepost on what the American public is getting into the next few days,” and she said she hopes the new “fantasy world” of the White house will help voters “make sense of these claims.”

The new template is designed to be an “advice and information tool,” Sanders said.

“We’ve made the decision to create a template that the American voters will be able to follow, but it’s also designed to provide an overview of the bill.”

The template contains a chart that shows how much money the plan will cost the average American over the next decade.

It also shows how many Americans will be left out of the Medicaid expansion, how much the bill would cut taxes for the middle class and how many of the cuts would be made to Medicaid.

The chart shows how the bill cuts taxes, and how much it would cut Medicaid by.

The new White house template includes a chart showing how much each American will pay under the bill.

The chart also shows what the government would save by cutting Medicaid by $716 billion.

Sanders said that if a Republican member of Congress wants to write their own version of this template, “they have to do it.

We’re not going to allow them to do that.”

A Republican aide said that the White Houses new version of its template “will be available in the coming days.”

A White House spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.