Canadian blogger faces $10,000 fine for selling pirated music

A Canadian blogger has been ordered to pay $10 to copyright owners after selling thousands of pirated albums.

An Alberta court ruled Friday that Stephen Wiginton had committed copyright infringement.

The judge in the case has also ordered the online music store he sold his albums to pay the Canadian-based company.

Wigington is an Edmonton-based blogger and publisher.

He’s also a lawyer and music industry consultant.

His company, Music by The Beatles, is based in the United States.

WIGINGTON ISAUGURATED IN HIS OWN HOME The first time he bought an album was in 2012, according to a letter sent to Wigrington by the Internet Archive, the nonprofit group that administers the copyright for works online.

He said the songs included in the catalogue were “not protected under Canadian copyright law.”

He told CBC News in a telephone interview on Friday he had bought a CD of the Beatles songs from a Canadian record store, but the album was not protected under copyright law.

“We bought it at a record store in Edmonton, which I think is very similar to Canada,” he said.

The artist said the album is still in good condition, but he believes the copyright owners of the songs have decided to “put the label of copyright in their hands.”

“I just think that this label of ownership is not in line with the rights of the copyright holders,” he added.

Wigington’s website says he started selling his music online in 2012.

He bought the Beatles’ catalog of hits and albums in 2011 and started publishing his own music in 2012 with his own band.

He told CBC he sold the CDs and other music online as well.

He also sold his own studio albums and other recordings on the Internet.

He said his music was pirated.

He was forced to shut down his business in 2014.

In a statement, Music By The Beatles said the music is protected by copyright.

It said in a statement that Wigton’s actions, “were unlawful and could not be justified as a legitimate business decision, and we were seeking an appropriate remedy.”

The group said it had filed a complaint with the U.S. Copyright Office and has asked that it investigate whether the album copyright is in dispute.

It has also launched an online petition calling on Canadian government to enforce copyright.


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