Blogger: Blogger is dead and it’s not dead, but it’s definitely not dead

Blogger, which was founded in 2011 by Matt Cutts and Mike O’Brien, is one of the most prominent blogs on the web.

It has a large and loyal following of more than 13 million readers and over 40 million monthly visitors, which makes it one of those companies that can seem like it’s always going to be there. 

But as more people turn to other sites to read their favorite content, blogs are becoming increasingly outdated and difficult to navigate. 

For many of the blogs out there, like Medium, WordPress, and other popular blogging platforms, they can be difficult to find.

And for many of these other sites, the problem is worse. 

Blogger, like many others, was built around a single principle: People should be able to write about the stuff they care about. 

That idea has never changed, and for many people, it has never been more important than it is now. 

There’s no easy answer to this problem, but the simplest way is for everyone to get to a single place on the internet where everyone is happy and nobody is unhappy.

That’s where blogging comes in. 

To help people find that place, many people are using blogging platforms like WordPress, Twitter, and Tumblr to help people get started.

But those platforms have problems when it comes to making it easy for people to create and share content, even when it’s in their own blogs. 

I was recently on a train heading to an airport in Germany with my daughter.

She was going to meet her girlfriend for dinner, and she had a blog. 

“I can’t do this alone,” she said, shaking her head in frustration.

“I have to use my blog.” 

I asked her why she couldn’t just use WordPress, which has a robust blogging platform, to create content for her blog.

“That’s why it’s so hard to use WordPress on my blog,” she replied. 

The answer to that, of course, is that WordPress isn’t for everyone. 

As a blogging platform designed to make it easy to create blog content for everyone, it’s difficult for most people to get the most out of it. 

In fact, it can be downright annoying for people with a blog, especially if they are using WordPress. 

My daughter’s girlfriend, for example, said that she doesn’t find it particularly useful.

“For her, I use the WordPress site, and then it gets really cluttered,” she explained. 

So she uses her blog to write the occasional blog post and then she creates a few other content posts on her own blog.

But she’s not the only one with a difficult time finding content. 

According to Pieter Wuille, author of The Blogger Manifesto, it takes a lot of effort to create a good blog, and it takes a long time to get a good feel for it.

And this is a problem that many of us have. 

Wuille says that he has been blogging for six years and has created more than 500,000 content posts. 

It’s not just the number of posts that can be confusing.

Wuille also says that many people aren’t even able to see what content they have on their blogs, because of the clutter they create. 

If you’re like my daughter, then you’re probably one of them. 

How do you know if your blog is doing something right? 

For people who are not able to easily navigate to their own blog, the easiest thing to do is to look for other blogs.

These are sites that have a lot in common, such as being run by people who care about the same thing, who share similar goals, and who share a similar set of rules and guidelines. 

When people start creating content for their blogs or using WordPress to publish content for them, they are usually looking to make the content look like they are from a different place. 

What I like about blogging platforms is that they are built to make things easier for people. 

They allow you to be more personal, more self-directed, and to have more control over the content you create.

Blogging platforms like Medium allow you more freedom and control over your own content.

If you want to create some content, you don’t have to rely on anyone else. 

Instead, you can create your own website, and that site is a hub where you can build and share the content that you create with others. 

And that hub is the best part of a blogging site. 

Once you create a blog or create a site, it becomes much easier to interact with other people.

If you want your content to be shared, you want people to share your content.

That means having a blog that is very easy to use, and people can easily find and browse it.

And it means you can easily have a blog where people can create content.


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