‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Liza Minnelli Is Not Ready to Go Home, Says She Will Follow the Bachelor in Paradise Season 4: ‘There’s Always Another Season’

Liza, who recently announced her retirement from television, was one of the main characters of “Bachelor In Paradise” season four, which aired on ABC in 2015.

But now the actress is reportedly not interested in a return to the show.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Minnellis revealed that she’s not ready to return to “Bachelorette” as the series finale approached, but she will still follow the story.

Minnellins “B” character was part of the group that had a secret wedding on the set of “Dating Game.”

But she said that the storyline had to be completed for “Bates Motel,” which airs on CBS this season.

“There’s always another season.

It’s always something else,” Minnelliss told EW.

“I have to do this one first, then I’ll think about the other ones.

It just keeps coming.”

Minnellis is not the only one who’s been unsure about whether she’ll be returning to “The Bachelor” after the finale of the current season.

Other cast members have been open about their feelings about the show, including Bacheloretts alum Anna Merlan, who tweeted, “Bears.


Bears are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

And the actress tweeted out her own thoughts on the end of season four: “We’re so far apart.

I hope everyone is happy, I hope the Bachelor is still alive.

We’re in the same room.

This is my world.”

The Bachelor in 2020 premiered on ABC last year, but the series has been cancelled since then.ABC did not immediately respond to EW’s request for comment.


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