When the University of Iowa blog gets a new name: ‘It’s not an accident’: What’s going on here?

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIC) is making headlines again with a new Tumblr blog that was once the home of the university’s flagship blog, the Infinite Blog.

The blog was launched in April to mark the centennial of the creation of the blog, and it’s now getting a new home.

A spokesman for the blog told The Huffington Post that the blog was originally launched in 2012 and that it was renamed Infinite Blog following a decision by the blog’s original owner, Stephen Miller, who retired last year.

The new blog is named after the first blog in the series, titled Infinite Blog: The Story of an Infinite Blog, that was published in 2014.

The series has continued on for a few years, but it has been replaced with a “modern” blog in which a more modern style has been adopted.

The Infinite Blog blog was first launched in February, 2013.

The website, which was once called Infinite Blog (now Infinite Blog) has remained active since then, according to the blog.

The blog was initially launched to celebrate the centenary of the launch of the Infinite blog.

Miller announced his retirement in 2016, but he has continued to contribute content and update his blog.

He wrote about the creation and growth of the website on his website and wrote that he is currently in the process of publishing a book about the blog and has published a few essays on it.