How to spot a hoax online

By New Scientist staff writer June 16, 2018 12:05:57When people say they’re writing a new article on a blog, it can be hard to know if it’s a genuine article or a poorly written hoax.

But there’s a simple rule that every online blogger should follow.

It says: If you’re posting something with no content, make sure you use a headline, title, and body copy that’s similar to what you’d use on a real article.

And if you’re going to be using a photo or video for your article, use the same type of image or video, too.

So, to start with, this rule doesn’t apply to blog posts by people who don’t use social media, but if you post a hoax article on your own site, you need to follow it.

Here are some things you should check to be sure:If the story is genuine, but not original: The headline should be a well-known and well-researched headline that describes the story, not a generic phrase like “This article will be published on my blog”.

This makes it harder for people to be fooled by fake articles.

If you can’t find a well written headline that makes it clear that this is a genuine story, you may have to use a picture or video.

A well-written headline should have no content (including images and videos) that’s clearly written to look like it’s from a real website, but the content is not original.

The same goes for the text of the headline.

A well-edited headline that doesn’t have any content will be easy for people who are trying to trick you into believing it is from a website.

The headline should tell people what the story should be about.

It should say something like: I’m writing about a new study about this topic.

The body copy should make it clear what you’re trying to say and how it’s being read, but it shouldn’t be too long or too detailed.

If the article is a hoax: If it’s not from a reputable website, the headline should say: This is a fake article from a dubious source.

This is a bogus article from another website.

This article is the work of a sock puppet.

This article is an attempt to deceive people by claiming to be from an accredited organisation.

The article should be short and to the point, with a simple headline that says “I’m writing this on my own blog.”

The body of the article should contain no more than a single sentence about the topic of the blog post.

If it’s just a story on a site that is no longer available, the text should be: I have a story that is just a little too good to be true.


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