How to use ColorLib to customize your blog

article title ColorLib blogger template article This article is not about ColorLib.

Instead, this template is for color coding your blog articles.

You will want to add this template to your blog’s header and footer, so that it is visible to the readers.

This template is available for both WordPress and WordPress theme.


Select your blog content color.


Add the template.


Add your color scheme.


Save the template as a blog post.


Go to your dashboard and click the “Edit” button.


Select “Customize” from the “Manage Customized Theme Settings” dropdown menu.


Select the template you want to use as your color theme and click “Create Theme”.


Your theme will now be a blog template.


Select it in the Theme Editor.

You should now see the “ColorLib” blog post template on your blog.


Save it. 11.

Next, you need to add your color style to your article.

For example, if you want your blog title to be bold, add a bold color.


In the Theme editor, select the “Customized Theme” drop down menu.


In Theme Editor, choose the template that you want as your title color.


Save your template as an article.


Next you need your color design for your article header.


In theme editor, choose “Customizer” from “Manages Customized Style Settings” in the “Theme Editor” drop-down menu and then click “Apply” to apply the color style.


This color design should now appear on your article title.


Now, add the “theme” to your header.

This will appear in the WordPress theme’s “Featured” category.


Now you can add your ColorLib logo to your page.


Next go to your home page, and add the template to the sidebar.


This can be done from the WordPress dashboard.

If you don’t want to, you can also click the Edit button to apply this template.


Your article title should now be bold.


The next step is to customize the color on your footer.

This is the last step.

The ColorLib template has a “Style” option, so you can apply the ColorLib color scheme to your footers.

Here is an example.


Select this template from the theme editor and then choose the “Default Theme” option.


This “Default theme” option will be the default theme for your site.


Select which header section you want and then save your changes.


Next create your custom color scheme by adding your color colors.

The color color you choose for your header section can be any color you want, and you can choose from different colors to use.

Here are some examples.


In ColorLib’s Theme Editor you can now create a custom color color.

You can now edit the color colors in your theme.


In your theme editor navigate to the “Main Menu” section and click on “Colors”.

You can add colors to your theme, and change the colors on your theme’s header section.

Here’s an example of a color change.


This step can be skipped if you are using a theme that is based on a template already, or you have already set up your blog as a template.


Once you have created a color scheme for your theme and color schemes for your foot and article sections, it is time to create the header section color for your main article.

To do this, you will need to create your own color scheme, which is a part of the ColorGuide template.


In WordPress, go to the Theme Tools section and then “Custom” and “Custom Colors”.


In this template, you should choose “Color Guide” and then create a color color scheme using your color guide color.

This guide color should be selected for your blog header.


Next select your color color and then select “ColorGuide”.


Select a color guide and save it as a color palette.

This palette can be saved as an image or as a PNG image.


Next add your new color palette to your main color section.


Now that you have added a color for each header section, it’s time to customize some other parts of your article section.

This section can include your sidebar.

The sidebar color can be a custom CSS color or a color from the Color Guides template.

You may also want to customize header images to make your article look nicer.


In color guides, you want a header image to be red, but this is not necessary.


In all cases, you don´t need to include the color.

However, you may want to include it in a header color.


In a color header image, you must include a color and a background.


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