‘The American Dream is gone’: A woman’s journey to become a self-made millionaire

A single mother of three, who moved from Kansas to Florida to take on her own freelance writing career, was shocked by the high cost of living in Florida and the lack of quality of the jobs available there.

In January 2017, she decided to open a small, but growing business that offered services to people who could not find jobs or could not afford them.

“I think the reality is that if you have a small business, you have to start somewhere,” Ms Tyshaun said.

“It’s not about having a big business.”

For the past two years, Ms Tieshaun has run her business, Wood, in a building on the outskirts of Jacksonville, Florida, with her husband, Joe.

“My main thing is that I want people to feel connected,” Ms Ryshannah said.

The couple had to relocate several times in recent years as they had to pay rent and utilities.

“We have been lucky, we have been able to keep our house, but we just can’t keep our doors open,” she said.

Ms Rieshannah had originally planned to start her business as a freelance writer, but found herself unable to find a job after years of working from home.

“For me to have a business in Florida is a blessing because I am in a great situation,” she explained.

“Florida is so beautiful and I just love being here.”

Ms Riveshannah, who is now 30 years old, started her business after leaving a life as a housewife.

She began by selling wood and then started selling the craft products she made.

“The wood business is something that I love doing,” she added.

Ms Trieshannah was raised in the south of England, but she moved to Florida in 2013 after attending an art school in Edinburgh.

“That was where I felt most comfortable,” she recalled.

“There is so much culture and so much history in Florida.

It’s just so beautiful.”

Ms Tydyshann said she has always been a fan of Florida’s beaches, its mountains, and its beaches are very diverse.

“You can go out there and do anything you want, there is no limit to what you can do,” she told Al Jazeera.

Ms Thyshany was born in the north of England and has lived in Florida her whole life.

She is a native of Bristol and has been married to her husband since 2008.

“She is a very strong, strong woman, very smart, very funny,” she joked.

“So many things I’ve learnt about her life through this, that’s just been a really good thing.”

For many of the businesses Ms Tiedhsann runs, they are not available to the general public.

“If you go to the internet you will find that many of them have been taken down or they’re not available,” Ms Rhyshanna said.

Some businesses have even gone bankrupt.

“Sometimes I feel really guilty because we don’t have the opportunity to meet people, but I feel it’s a blessing to be able to connect with people and be able do it,” Ms Thyyshanny said.

Al Jazeera’s Ben Wiles reports from Florida.