How to customize your blog template in WordPress 4.0

How to customise your blog in WordPress, 4.1 is out.

In this article, we’ll look at the steps to take to customize a blog template using the WordPress theme and plugins.1.

Create a custom theme theme and plugin bundle1.

Select the theme you want to customize and click Create theme.2.

Select plugins you’d like to use and click Next.3.

Select WordPress.config and click Add .4.

Select theme, select the plugins and click Browse.5.

Enter the theme name you created in step 1 and click OK.6.

Enter a theme name and click Save theme.7.

Enter your WordPress configuration settings and click Configure.8.

Select Customize plugin settings and choose the plugins you want, click Next and click Finish.9.

Click Next to create a new theme.10.

Click Create plugin.11.

Select Theme, click Add, and enter the name you chose in step 4.12.

Enter theme name in the text box and click Generate.13.

Enter plugin name in text box, click Generated and click Done.14.

Select Default theme, click Theme, and click New.15.

Select Plugin name, click New, and type in your custom name.16.

Click New, click Browse and choose your plugin, click OK and click Apply.17.

Click Apply and click Close.18.

Click Edit in WordPress and click Plugin.19.

Type in the name of the plugin you want and click Export.20.

Type the name in plugin name and press Export.21.

Click Export and click Open.22.

Enter settings, click Edit, click Export, and save.23.

Select Settings, click Manage plugins and enter a plugin name.24.

Select Manage themes, click Create themes and select your custom theme, type in a theme, press Save.25.

Select your theme, choose the plugin and click Submit.26.

Enter plugins name and hit Add.27.

Type your plugin name into plugin name box, hit Add and click Download.28.

Type plugin name, press Download and click Continue.29.

Select plugin, select theme and click Advanced.30.

Select settings, press Manage theme, and select the plugin that you want.31.

Select Advanced, click Set theme settings and select Custom.32.

Type plugins name into plugins name box and hit Set.33.

Select Add plugin, hit Next and press Finish.34.

Click Save and Close.35.

Click Finish and close the WordPress dashboard.