Which is better: WordPress’ new ‘blogger’ or the old ‘blog’ template?

We’re going to start off by asking you to decide between WordPress’ blog template, and WordPress’ default template. 

We’re not going to pretend that we’ve figured out which is better—we don’t have the data, but we’re fairly confident that we’re on the right track—but we’re going ask you to think about what it means to you when you’re looking for a WordPress blog template.

The blog template has always been the default WordPress template—that’s not to say that WordPress isn’t going to have a blog template in the future—but it’s only in the past few years that WordPress has made the template the default. 

If you’ve ever seen a WordPress website and thought, “That’s not the best template for WordPress”, then you probably already know the answer to that question.

WordPress makes it easy for anyone to create their own blog template using a simple template builder.

WordPress offers you a choice of six template formats—blog, portfolio, portfolio_all, portfolio and portfolio_plus—and they’re all available in a range of themes.

We’re not even going to bother discussing which of the templates you choose is the best one for your blog.

What we’re really asking is what you think it means when you choose the default template for your WordPress site.

Why is the default blog template so bad?

First of all, it’s not a template—it’s a plugin.

WordPress plugin developers have been working hard to make the default blogging template the best WordPress template, but they haven’t made it the best for WordPress developers.

The default WordPress blog is built with very little customization, and there’s little that can be done about it.

The plugin developers are not creating the best blogging template for you—they’re creating the worst.

It’s a great template for developers who have to create custom content, but the default is not for the developer who wants to use WordPress to build content.

If you’re a developer, and you’re using WordPress to create your own WordPress content, then you’ll have a much easier time using WordPress than if you’re writing a blog post.

This is true whether you’re building a WordPress theme, creating a blog plugin, or building a custom WordPress theme.

If we were to use the default site template as the template for our blog, we’d have to write a lot more code to use it.

That’s not good.

The new default template has been designed to be easier to maintain.

When you use the WordPress default blog, you have to worry about things like security.

You can’t add new posts or change your posts, or edit the meta tags on the blog.

If a plugin adds new posts to your site, it has to notify you about the change, so you can delete the old posts.

When the plugin updates its content, you can’t just delete the new posts, because WordPress will have to check to see if they’re in the new list before deleting them.

The same is true if you use a custom theme or a plugin that updates content with new posts.

If your plugin updates content, it will have an option to remove old posts from your site.

In addition, WordPress has some built-in security features, including a login page, that make the blog template difficult to modify.

These security features are also important for users who want to edit their blog posts, so they need to have those security features.

If WordPress doesn’t have these security features built-ins, it may be easier for the plugin to modify the template.

If the WordPress developer wants to add new content, they have to make a lot of work, because the default content will be in the default database.

If an update to the default has been made to the database, then the WordPress database will be updated to reflect the change.

If there’s a problem with the database being updated, the default website will be inaccessible.

This means that the default blogger template has less flexibility than other WordPress templates, and the default plugin doesn’t do enough to help the developer get content updated when needed.

You could also argue that the theme developers are better suited to create content, and they’re better equipped to update WordPress.

That may be true.

The theme developers have a lot to do with the content that people create on the WordPress site—they create the theme and create the plugins.

They also write the WordPress documentation, so the theme designers are better equipped than the plugin developers to keep track of all the content and updates that people make on the site.

The blogger template is a template that is built for the WordPress developers who are building content.

That means that if a theme developer wants a template to help him or her create custom themes and plugins, they will need to create the plugin for it.

They’ll also need to write the template to support the theme’s customizations.

If they do all of this work, they’ll probably be able to find a way


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