Why we’re finally going to see a new type of basketball in Australia

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen basketball in this country, and it’s never looked like the future.

There’s been so much excitement around the potential for a national team to play in this year’s FIBA World Cup, but it’s been just a matter of time before the sport has finally taken off.

Now, with the Australian Basketball League (ABL) coming back to life in 2018 and a new player named Anastasia, we are finally getting a new basketball to play.

The first of two posts is about Anastasian basketball, and I want to talk a bit about what we have to look forward to.

Anastasia is the third and final player on the 2018 list, following in the footsteps of Australian-born forward Jodie Meeks and Australian-Russian guard Dina Khokhlova.

Anastasias is a unique combination of height, wingspan, and athleticism.

She has a wingspan of 9’7″ and an inch and a half of length.

She is an incredible athlete who excels at setting screens and driving the ball up the court.

Her ability to find and finish is impressive and her passing is also excellent.

She uses her size well in both offensive and defensive roles, as well as using her body to set screens.

Anastasiades skills are extremely versatile.

She can guard multiple positions on the court and can also play in multiple ways, such as the traditional four on the block.

Her ability to defend multiple positions, while also having great touch on the offensive glass is extremely rare in the NBA.

She is able to defend both small forwards and bigs, and her ability to switch between different positions on both ends of the court is something that the NBA hasn’t seen in a long while.

For the most part, Anastassiades strengths are on the defensive end of the floor.

She does an excellent job of controlling her own rebounds and defending her own shot, and has a hard time taking foul shots.

On the offensive end of things, Anastais game is very unique.

She’s a ball-handler with an excellent three-point shooting touch and she has a solid three-pointer.

One of the biggest weaknesses for Australian basketball is that it’s not really built around a big man.

Anastaas ability to score and create offense in her own right is what really sets her apart from her peers.

An Astaas skill set makes her a threat on both end of court and will allow her to be an elite perimeter scorer.

The lack of a rim protector on the perimeter is also an issue, but Anasta is able out-ball screen-setters and get her own teammates to open shots.

Anas ability on the boards is something she needs to work on to really grow as a player.

As an offensive player, Anais is a great fit for an NBA team.

She excels off the dribble and in the post, but she is also a solid passer with excellent timing.

With her combination of size, athleticism, and passing ability, Anas game will be able to flourish in the modern NBA.

At this point, Anassias success in the D-League and NBA is hard to quantify, but we are definitely getting closer.

Anyaas growth as a basketball player is something we can all look forward too.

You can read more about Anasta in my 2018 article.


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