How to make your home look better with this simple template

article The first step in making your home appear more stylish is to take your inspiration from some great home decor blogs.Below are some home decor bloggers who have used their own style to create a gorgeous home.If you are interested in these other home decor blogger templates then you will find the full list […]

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Which movies will be released on Netflix next year?

By Steve MarchesePublished February 09, 2019 05:15:46The biggest movie release this year, which is on Netflix, is the Oscar-nominated drama “Spotlight.”That film will be available on Feb. 10, 2018, and the rest of the big movies are available by the end of 2019.The other big releases of 2018 are the new Star Wars films and […]

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Blogging and social media is dead. It’s just another medium.

In the days leading up to the 2015 elections, bloggers were the new faces of the digital revolution, the stars of social media, and the vanguard of an era of political engagement.They’d become the social network of choice for many.But they’d also been at the center of a culture war.A war that began with social […]

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