BAYAZAR (BAYAZAR) – An Iranian journalist has been arrested for publishing anti-government comments on Facebook, according to a statement released by the judiciary and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.In a statement, the judiciary announced the arrest of the blogger, Ghassan Saghir, on January 6, 2017, and sentenced him to 12 months in prison. The Ministry of Justice also announced the same on January 10, 2017. The statement said Saghin was arrested for “providing propaganda” and “insulting the state,” the latter referring to the Iranian government.In June 2016, Saghian had published an opinion piece on Facebook titled “Let’s not forget the truth, we’re all a bunch of idiots and we should all die of boredom,” which was posted on the Iranian blog and verified by the Ministry for Human Rights and Press Freedom (SHPRF). In it, Sakhian wrote that the Iranian nation should “die of boredom” and that the Islamic Republic would “never let any nation go down that path,” referring to its support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The opinion piece also criticized the United States for its “weakness” and stated that the country would not allow the United Nations Security Council to “impose sanctions” on Iran, which it said would “undermine the nation’s national security.”Saghir was arrested in March 2016 after posting an opinion

on his Facebook page titled “Death to the US, America is a tool of international criminals.”The blogger’s arrest comes amid ongoing political unrest in Iran, with the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) calling for protests against President Hassan Rouhani’s administration.In March, Rouhani, who is currently in office, announced the formation of a new “Supreme Council […]

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‘Google is working on a template for a girl who wants to become a model’

This template will make you feel good to have a girl in your life.If you don’t want to make her feel bad about her body or appearance, this template will do the trick. I’ve seen a few girls with their pictures in their profile and they have never had the opportunity to have their image taken […]

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When you’re writing a blog template, you need to be careful with your title and your content. Here’s how to do it right. template title The title of your blog template should not be anything more than “Freebies Blog Template.” It should also be descriptive. template content Your blog content should be relevant and relevant to your customers. It should explain how to get your products, services, and coupons from one website to another. It can also help you explain why you have products and how to buy them. It may also be a good idea to link to relevant products and to the links to those products on the main menu. You can use any template that you find on the internet. However, you’ll probably want to go with one template that is easy to use, flexible and has the best content. Be aware that there is a difference between “content” and “content type.” Content type is the type of information you put in your blog posts. Content type includes a lot of the things that you might include in a post such as links to the original content. template code Here’s what you should include in your template. content title Content for your blog title should be short and to-the-point. It shouldn’t be anything that requires any technical knowledge. content description Content for the content you want to provide on your blog must be clear and concise. It must explain how the information you want is available and how you can access it. content template You should use the template template as the basis for your content and then customize it to your own needs. There is no need to go through every single step that goes into creating a template. The content can be modified by you or by someone else. The only thing you need is the template code. Here is an example of what a template code might look like. template tag You can add tags to your template to help you organize it. tag type: keyword tag The tag type you should use is irrelevant. You could use the word keyword or an abbreviation or a number or a combination of the three. The important thing is that you have a tag that is unique to your blog. This means that if you want your blog to appear in search results for keywords, you must use a unique tag. This is important because Google will treat a search for a keyword as if it were a search in the same way as a search using a similar keyword. This will confuse Google. If you want Google to treat your blog as if you were using the same keyword in a search, you should add a keyword tag to your tag. You should also have a link to your

in the title of the template tag.For example, you could add the tag blog:freebies:content to the title.The link to the blog should be the link that appears in the top right corner of the blog template.template tags This is where you need a lot more care.The tag name that you use should be descriptive and […]

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