Canadian blogger faces $10,000 fine for selling pirated music

A Canadian blogger has been ordered to pay $10 to copyright owners after selling thousands of pirated albums.An Alberta court ruled Friday that Stephen Wiginton had committed copyright infringement.The judge in the case has also ordered the online music store he sold his albums to pay the Canadian-based company.Wigington is an Edmonton-based blogger and publisher.He’s […]

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Trump’s Twitter is back: “The real estate mogul is not the real estate developer”

Donald Trump’s new Twitter account is now officially “The Real Estate mogul is Not the Real Estate Developer” and, for the first time, it’s not a joke.It’s actually a real person, and he is the real person behind the account, @RealElectionTM.Trump’s original account, which was @RealTrump, was also a joke, since it was the account […]

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