‘We want to take away the fear of being fat’: New blog platform puts all your worries at the door

It’s the perfect fit for those who are just starting out and need to be more self-aware about how they look.The New Blog Platform is a new platform that allows users to blog directly to their own social media profiles, instead of using their email addresses to post to social media.The platform has launched in […]

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What to expect in the new ‘new blog template’

You’ll get the same basic layout for your new blog, with your posts, images and videos all grouped into different categories.However, this new template is the first time that it has been designed with the help of a third party developer, so it should feel a bit different than other templates you’ll be used to.There […]

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When it comes to your kids blogging template, here’s what you need to know

It may be a few weeks since you published your kids’ blog, but it’s important to know that the template is the foundation of your blog.This article gives you a brief overview of the template, the key elements, and how you can build on it.Key elements of a blog template The template should be simple […]

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