When Saudi Arabia bans bloggers and journalists: Is it a victory for freedom of expression?

Posted October 25, 2018 05:53:30The Saudi kingdom announced on Tuesday that it has banned all bloggers and news websites and is investigating any possible “incitement to terrorism.”The move comes just a few days after the Saudi government issued a sweeping decree in which it banned all internet activities and media outlets.The Saudi government also issued […]

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How to Use An Affiliate Blog to Promote Your Book

The Wall St Journal article 1.Create a Blog on AffiliateBrick and Promote It with AffiliateBrains 2.Use the Adwords Tool to Create an Affiliate Link 3.Create an Existing Link and Click on the AffiliateLink icon to Create a New Affiliate Website 4.Enter Your Name, Email Address and Location in the “Email Address” field 5.Select “Link Promote” […]

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How to create a custom Google Blog Template

template article template title A custom Google blog template article source Engid title How do I create a Google Blog template article article template source The Verge article template template article title How Do I Create a Google (or other) Blog Template Article article template author The Verge title How To Create A Google Blog […]

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