What’s next for Serie A? – FASA

FASI article 1/1 What’s new in Serie A this season?2/1 Scoring 1/2 Off the bench 2/2 Defenders 2/3 Attack 3/2 Defenders 3/3 Goals 4/3 Man-of-the-match 5/3 Fixture summary 6/3 Player ratings 1/5 – The FASO Player Ratings 2/5 The FASEB Player Ratings 3/5 FASB Player Rankings 4/5 Transfer news 1/6 Transfer deadline day 1/8 – […]

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What’s new in the 2017 edition of National Geographic?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the most fascinating, yet not necessarily the most exciting, of the year’s National Geographic offerings, namely “The Big Picture,” which offers a look at how the world’s great nations and cities are changing as the human population continues to rise and expand. The book, which has already been […]

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