When the University of Iowa blog gets a new name: ‘It’s not an accident’: What’s going on here?

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIC) is making headlines again with a new Tumblr blog that was once the home of the university’s flagship blog, the Infinite Blog.The blog was launched in April to mark the centennial of the creation of the blog, and it’s now getting a new home.A spokesman for the blog […]

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Bollywood actress Bibi is being harassed by students

The Times Of India on Friday reported that Bibi Bibi, who was recently honoured by the prestigious Academy Award, has been harassed by some of her students.According to the report, Bibi was being harassed on the basis of her identity, and the police have not been informed about it.“She was being abused and verbally abused.The […]

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